Course curriculum

  • 1

    Week 1: Unlock the Spiritual Side of Money - Open My Heart Chakra

    • Welcome to Unveil Your Inner Money Goddess

    • Please Introduce Yourself

    • Week 1 Workbook

    • Meditation Heart Chakra Music

    • Week 1 Session Recording 9.28.21

  • 2

    Week 2: Own My Voice – Open My Throat Chakra

    • Week 1 - Coach Check In

    • Week 2 Workbook

    • Meditation Throat Chakra Music

    • Week 2 Session Recording 10.5.21

    • (S1.2) Video - DMU Doc 2.A Money Gratitude and Tracking

    • Money Gratitude DMU Doc 2.A Download

  • 3

    Week 3: Integrate and apply in my business - Create and price my products and services. Maximize my content.

    • Week 2 Check In

    • Week 3 Workbook

    • Week 3 Session Recording 10.12.21

    • (S8.2) Video - DMU Doc 4.B My Money Making Ideas

    • (S9.1) Video - DMU Doc 4.D Product Profit Plan

    • (S9.2) KeyNote Transcript - Products and Pricing How-To's

    • (S9.2) KeyNote Presentation - Product Pricing How-To's

    • DMU Documents and Instructions 4.B and 4.D

  • 4

    Week 4: Heal the Story of Me - Open My Root Chakra

    • Week 3 Check In

    • Week 4 Workbook

    • Meditation Root Chakra Music

    • Week 4 Session Recording 10.19.21

    • DMU Document & Instructions 3.A

  • 5

    Week 5: Live My Beautiful Life - Open My Solar Plexus Chakra

    • Week 5 Workbook

    • Meditation Solar Plexus Music

    • Week 5 Session Recording 10.26.21

    • DMU Document and Instruction 4.A

  • 6

    Week 6: Integrate and apply in My Business - Fundaments and Formation of My Business.

    • Week 6 Workbook

    • Week 6 Session Recording 11.2.21

    • (S3.1) KeyNote Transcript - Legal Entity Structure

    • (S3.1) KeyNote Presentation - Legal Entity Structure

    • (S3.2) KeyNote Transcript - DMU Doc 5.C New Business Checklist and Basic Tax Reporting

    • (S3.2) KeyNote Presentation - DMU Doc 5.C New Business Checklist and Basic Tax Reporting

    • DMU Document and Instruction 5.C

  • 7

    Week 7: Build Financial Sovereignty - Open My Sacral Chakra

    • Week 7 WorkBook

    • Week 7 Session Recording 11.16.21

    • Meditation Sacral Chakra

    • (S4.3) Video - Create a Simple Filing System

    • (S2.5) Video - Everyday Money Connection

    • Bonus Video Training - How to CleanUp the Paperwork Piles

    • Retention Schedule

  • 8

    Week 8: Claim Divine Money Mastery - Open My Brow Chakra

    • Week 8 WorkBook

    • Week 8 Session Recording 11.24.21

    • Meditation Brow Chakra

    • (S4.2) Video - Set Your Divine Money Date

    • (S4.4) KeyNote Transcript - DMU Doc 6.A Money Date Activity Check List

    • (S4.4) KeyNote Presentation - DMU Doc 6.A Money Date Activities Checklist

    • DMU Document & Instructions 6.A

  • 9

    Week 9: Integrate and Apply in My Business - Divine Money Actions and Empowered Knowing

    • Week 9 WorkBook

    • Week 9 Session Recording 11.30.21

    • (S5.1) Video - DMU Doc 3.A Monthly Payments and DMU Doc 4.A My Current Products and Prices

    • (S3.6) Video - DMU Doc 2.E 101 Usual Business Expenses

    • (S5.3) Video - DMU Doc 2.B Monthly Business Cash Flow Recording - Short Form

    • (S7.1) KeyNote Transcript - Tricky Business Expenses and Income

    • (S7.1) KeyNote Presentation - Tricky Business Expenses

    • DMU Document and Instructions 2.E, 2.B, 3.A, and 4.A

  • 10

    Week 10: Fulfill My Divine Passion - Open My Crown Chakra

    • Week 10 Workbook

    • Week 10 Session Recording 12.7.21

    • Meditation Crown Chakra

  • 11

    Week 11: Attain a Wholeness of Self – Open Your Aura Energy

    • Week 11 Session Recording 12.14.21

    • Meditation Aura Energy

  • 12

    Week 12: Integrate and apply in My Business - Everyday momentum with business balance and management.

    • Week 12 Session Recording 12.28.21

    • Copy of (S14.2) Video - How to Pay Yourself in Business

  • 13

    Introduction Webinar

    • 9.21.21 Unveil Your Inner Money Goddess Webinar

Women in business, sharing their divine heart-passion and gifts, are going to change this world. 

Women in business, using their divine feminine energy and flow, are going to change this world. 

Women in a divine relationship with the sacred energy of money, are going to change this world. 

Are you one of these women? I feel you are if you are reading this.

I would suspect you may have:

  • Known you need to move from the corporate world and create your own business, doing what you were meant to do. 
  • Been creating your business for a few years now but just can’t get past a glass ceiling. 
  • Seen self-doubt, self-sabotaging behaviors, and low confidence keep you from what you desire deeply to create. 
  • Felt overwhelmed with the business taxes and financials that you feel you can never get ahead; fear keeps you awake at night. 
  • Felt burned out by the effort and drive it takes to make your business successful.

Just a small list that business owners face

I passionately want to solve the problem of poor financial management that keeps our society in debt and with a poverty-conscious mindset. I want to help entrepreneurs get their brilliant ideas and creations into the world with success and not so much stress.

So in 2008, I left my job as a corporate controller to start my own accounting business. I was ready to be my own boss. I want my own hours, my own dress code, and to make my own financial and business decisions. I want the power of my financial destiny in my own hands. 

What I did not expect was my client’s emotional breakdowns; they cried, felt ashamed of how they used money, and were afraid to reveal how they manage money (one client said it is as if she was standing naked in front of me), they express confusion over what to do, they lose sleep at night worried that the IRS will come after them, they tell me about upsetting conversations with their partners at home, they feel guilty for not being able to run a business and manage their finances.

Does this resonate for you?

Each of us has blocks and belief systems about money that create a very dysfunctional experience at home and in business. I saw that I first had to help them with their relationship with money

The way we make money, spend money, track money and manage money (all vital parts of keeping your business open for longer than 5 years) reflects our relationship with money. My client’s ability to create an effective and correct bookkeeping system, price their products that brought in profit, and ultimately attract the clients they wanted to be working with was connected to their relationship with money.

Looking at the experience of being a woman, throughout history women have been separated from money. 

Did you know it has been less than 50 years (in the United States) that women were even allowed to have their own bank account? (Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974)

And then look at the sad fact that 3 out of 4 adults in poverty are women and are not set financially for retirement or long-term care.

Even though a lot has changed, I still see the Financial DNA of past-life and hereditary mindsets and beliefs that have plagued the collective money energy system for centuries.

Women have also had to abandon their Divine Feminine Power, gifts, and abilities and take on masculine traits to get anywhere in the world, and especially in business.

May I say, just look at where our world is. 

Ladies, it is time for us to rise to our True Divine Purpose. 

This world is crying for YOU to embrace the deep POWER OF SHE within and to create a thriving business in the Value of Your Divine Feminine Energy.

In 2012 I created a second business, Divine Money Mastery, whereas a Holistic Financial Mentor and Trusted Accountant, I weave together Money and Spirituality in a Unique and Enlightened Approach to teach the Spiritual Money Mindset and the Sacred Mechanics of Money Mastery. 

This program, Unveil Your Inner Money Goddess, is the culmination of my professional work, my own soul healing journey, and my channeling with the Divine Mother and the Eight Money Goddesses. 

It’s a soulful journey of self-discovery, personal empowerment, and divine financial attunement. I welcome you to join me!

This 12-week online group program guides you to learn 8 New Conscious Money Mindsets using Aligned Chakra Energy, within 4 money relationship areas, to heal the Feminine Financial Wounds and Realize Your Divine Financial Purpose in business.

So that you can:

  • Reconnect with the Divine Feminine I AM and embody the Power of SHE. 
  • Create stability and balance within the Core of You and lead with confidence.
  • Empower Your Home and Business with Enlightened Divine Accounting for Financial Impact. 
  • Fulfill Your Divine Purpose and Live Your Financially Free Ideal Life with Joy and Excitement.

Begins Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Weekly Group Coaching Call 6:00-7:30 pm MST

with Bonus Q&A with Beth Ann 7:30-8:00 pm MST

Program investment: Regularly priced at $2500

2021 special $997 or 3 payments of $362.33

Program Includes:

Heal My Spiritual Relationship with Money: How I Make Money

Week 1: Unlock the Spiritual Side of Money – Open my Heart Chakra – I receive my worthiness to make money and to know my value. I allow abundance and true Divine Financial Wealth.
Coaching call – 9.28.21

Week 2: Own Your Voice – Open my Throat Chakra – I align my voice with divine compassion. I give my true gifts of eternal feminine wisdom and knowledge in my messaging and marketing.
Coaching call – 10.5.21

Week 3: Integrate and apply in my business – Create and price my products and services. Maximize my content.
Coaching call – 10.12.21

Heal My Emotional Relationship with Money: How I Spend Money

Week 4: Heal the Story of Me – Open my Root Chakra – I reclaim the belief in me to create a thriving business with my divine spiritual gifts. As a heart-centered entrepreneur, I honor the gifts of my life experiences, intuition, and passions.