Course Description

Tune-Up Your Financial Vibration and End the Money Drama in Your Life

A Divine Money University Course 

Are you ready to receive more cash into your home and business?

Are you finished with being frustrated and worried about money?

Have you had enough of not feeling good about the money you have?

Our world is plagued with a poverty mindset that keeps us stuck in our money drama, playing small in our businesses, and physically exhausted and torn down. 

Imagine living an empowered life with money. One that supports your dreams and wishes and fills you with confidence and choices.  

Part of changing your money story and increasing your cash, in your personal and business experience, is by raising your Financial Vibration. Your Financial Vibration establishes the amount of money and what level of wealth you allow into your life. 

Until I discovered this Spiritual Principle of Financial Vibration, which shifted my mindset, attitudes, and actions with money, I lived in fear of never having enough. I wanted to avoid my paperwork, I squinted my eyes to look at my bank account, and I witnessed how my money patterns sabotaged the goals and dreams I had for my life and what I could provide for my children.

As I raised my Financial Vibration, it transformed my relationship with my finances! Money is a Divine Energy Source that is here to support me in fulfilling my Divine Mission. I am living in an empowered joyful life with my money. I am building my Divine Business and creating a positive ripple effect in the world.

Increase Your Financial Vibration and Watch your world shift with: 

  • New opportunities, healthy relationships, and amazing experiences that match your Divine Dreams and Goals.

  • More peace of mind as you recognize how money supports you always. 

  • Clarity and Confidence in your money decisions.

Connect with your money beliefs and create a strategy to overcome negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviors so you can expand your ability to be clear, open, and receptive to the in-flow of wealth. 

In this course, you will learn how to:

  1. Calculate your current Financial Vibration Frequency. 

  2. Align your energy with your home, thoughts, and values. 

  3. Release yourself from the money drama.

  4. Learn habits to reconnect and strengthen your money relationship and Increase Your Financial Vibration.

This Course includes videos, keynote presentations, transcripts, and downloadable worksheets. You have 24/7 lifetime access. 

Bonus:  You will also receive a Chakra Key which lists each chakra’s main characteristics, attributes, and healing modalities.   

Accountant and Holistic Financial Mentor

Beth Ann McMerrick

Beth Ann McMerrick is a holistic financial mentor, money goddess, international speaker, author, and trusted accountant. She is the Founder and CEO of Divine Money Mastery Inc. and Accounting Cents Inc. celebrating over eight years in business and the author of the Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards. With over 23 years of accounting and business management experience, she teaches others how to master their money and finances, both for their home and businesses, resulting in increased cash flow, confidence, and solid financial foundations, and more money in their bank accounts. Beth Ann specializes in creating and building solid financial foundations, combining spirituality and business sense. Your financial foundation includes mathematical tools, personal financial beliefs, balanced cash flow, and continued forward movement. In creating your financial foundation, Beth Ann uses a balance of practical money principles and proven accounting tools. She also provides tools and systems to assist individuals to: Sharpen their financial skills and knowledge. Increase confidence relating to money decisions and conversations. Remove doubt, guilt, and fear around money and money activities. Create a simple money management system that is both profitable and clear. Beth Ann’s accounting experience includes working in several industries, including those engaged with coaching, health and wellness, retail sales, tax returns, and construction. The companies have ranged from small, single-person to multi-million dollar corporations. She has also served in many business supervisory and management positions and has experience as a corporate controller and financial auditor. My specialty in business has been cleaning up and putting business financial systems back together and creating a system for my client. The system would include a strategic way of collecting information and presenting it that provides accurate, valuable, and useful information for the business owner. While auditing and reconstructing these systems, I found so many simple bookkeeping and accounting errors, and simply not understanding the profitable steps to money management. These easy-to-fix problems resulted in companies losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as countless businesses failing, and the perpetual poverty mindset of their owners.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Divine Money University!

    • A Message from Beth Ann (S0.0)

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Session One - BE Financially Successful

    • Tune-Up Your Financial Vibration Introduction and Syllabus (TUFV) (S1.0)

    • BE Financially Successful Introduction (S1.2)

    • Tune-Up Your Financial Vibration KeyNote Documents (S1.3)

    • KeyNote Tune-Up Your Financial Vibration (S1.3)

    • Manifest with Your Chakras (S1.3a)

    • Daily Money Gratitude and Tracking DMU Doc 2.A (S1.4)

    • Money BE-Leaf Transformation DMU Doc 9.A (S1.5)

    • Money Celebrations (S1.6)

    • BE Financially Successful Wrap-Up (S1.7)

  • 3

    Next Steps...

    • Congrats! Wrap-Up with Beth Ann

    • Your Thoughts Survey

    • Money Coaching Call with Beth Ann